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A guide to planning your conference in Nairobi

Curated by Waridi Events Limited

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this curated guide is subject to change.

We strive to keep it accurate and up-to-date, but due to the dynamic nature of travel and event planning, details such as visa regulations, venue availability, and local practices may vary.

Nairobi is an outstanding conference destination, and is recognised globally as a leading African business hub. This cosmopolitan city features strong infrastructure and excellent connectivity. It uniquely boasts the distinction of being the only city in the world with a national park within its borders.

Furthermore, Nairobi is the 5th ranked technologically advanced city in Africa and exudes a vibrant atmosphere. The city's thriving event industry further enhances it's appeal as an ideal location for conferences.

Our team has curated this guide to provide an overview of local options and offer valuable information to simplify your event planning process.

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1. Venue selection

From chic boutique hotels to globally renowned hotel brands, Nairobi offers a diverse array of options. Whether you are planning a traditional business event or seeking something unique, we have compiled a list of popular conference venues that cater to your event needs and provide comfortable accommodation for your guests.

Hotels in Nairobi typically charge a per person rate for conferences. This rate generally covers venue hire for the event day, as well as tea breaks and lunch.

Most hotels create menus that cater to a variety of dietary preferences. These include gluten-free options, vegetarian dishes, vegan meals, and Halal cuisine. Additionally, many venues offer customisable menus to accommodate other specific dietary requirements, ensuring all guests have a satisfying dining experience.

Business Hotels 

P-suite v2.jpeg
radisson blu upperhill .jpeg
Trademark Hotel Nairobi.jpeg
VillaRosa Kempinski.jpeg

Scenic Hotels  

Boutique Hotels 


2. Vendors

Nairobi boasts a diverse array of vendors crucial for conferences, offering a comprehensive range of services that are readily available locally. Services you can find locally include:

Vendor contracting falls under our agency's service offerings, and we're equipped to help you select and contract the ideal vendor for your needs.


Waridi Events collaborates with Pneuma Audiovisual Limited, our sister company, which provides audiovisual equipment rentals, event production, and event registration . You can find more information about their AV services through the link below.

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3.Cultural Experiences & Local Delights

Google Arts and Culture Event.jpg

Nairobi pulsates with cultural experiences and local gems waiting to be explored. Here are some of our most beloved attractions:

4. Nairobi weather and tips 

Nairobi weather is pleasant, with temperatures varying throughout the year. During the colder months, temperatures range between 10°C and 20°C, while in the hotter months, temperatures can soar between 20°C and 30°C. The rainy season typically falls between March and May, and October and December. It's advisable to always have a light sweater or jacket on hand to stay comfortable in Nairobi's varied climate.

5. Health and safety 

If you're hosting an event at a hotel, they likely have a nurse on duty or a doctor on standby. However, if emergency services are needed, you can contact ambulance providers such as St. John's Ambulance Kenya and the Kenya Red Cross.


The main hospitals in Nairobi include The Nairobi Hospital, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Gertrude's Children Hospital, and MP Shah Hospital.


While Nairobi is generally safe, as in any city, it is wise to avoid secluded alleyways and remain vigilant of your surroundings. Access to buildings typically involves a security check.

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GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference.JPG

Kenya is actively embracing environmental sustainability , showcased by the ban on single-use plastics. We lead by example as a nation committed to playing our part in environmental conservation.

Event venues such as the UNEP Headquarters are dedicated to ensuring that vendors adhere to sustainable practices when organising and executing events.

If you are interested in hosting a sustainable event, we can tailor a sustainable events model for you. This model will guide you in minimising negative environmental impacts through practices such as:

  • Using recyclable branding materials

  • Minimising plastic usage

  • Employing LED equipment for energy efficiency

  • Educating attendees on sustainable practices

  • Offering eco-friendly giveaways

  • Providing eco-friendly transportation options like electric buses

  • Assisting in selecting a sustainable event space.

7. Getting into Kenya 

As of January 1, 2024 foreign nationals from any country can travel to Kenya for tourism or business trips without a visa for up to 90 days. You will need to secure an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before you embark on your journey. You can acess one on the link below

8. Travel and transportation

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is Nairobi's main airport, located approximately 17.7 km from the central business district, 17.2 km from the Upper Hill area, and 19.8 km from Westlands.


Navigating Nairobi is convenient, thanks to the Nairobi Expressway, which runs through the city and provides easy access to various hotel venues. Popular ride-hailing services such as Uber and Bolt are readily available, along with yellow airport taxis upon landing.

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