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Event: The Africa Connected Summit ( 2014)

Client: Google Kenya Limited

The Africa Connected Summit 

In 2014, the Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi set the stage for a remarkable gathering: The Africa Connected Summit, presented by Google. This one-day celebration brought together Africans from across the continent to honour innovators and community heroes whose internet initiatives had made a tangible difference.


Against the backdrop of a vibrant Africa-themed stage, attendees were treated to a dynamic program featuring talks, panel discussions, and performances from various corners of Africa.

Africa Connected Summit - Client Google_edited.jpg

Waridi Events took the helm in orchestrating the full end-to-end event production. From conceptualising the theme to vendor contracting, budget management, program coordination, and guest logistics, our agency ensured every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.


The result was an immersive experience that celebrated the transformative power of the internet and showcased Africa's rich cultural diversity.

Africa Connected Summit 1_edited.jpg

Hosting 162 distinguished guests, including influential speakers and top artists, the Africa Connected Summit fostered dynamic discussions and cultural exchange.


Our strategic integration of live streaming transformed the event into a hybrid experience, extending its reach across the continent and exemplifying Google Africa's commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

The success of the Africa Connected Summit underscored our agency's ability to deliver impactful, large-scale events while honouring both cultural richness and technological advancement. 

Africa Connected Summit 4_edited.jpg
Africa Connected Summit 2_edited.jpg
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