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  • 3 Mar2016

A lot goes into putting an event together, and the day before the event, commonly referred to as event setup day is filled with logistics planning, multiple checklists and last minute details.

In our picture story we share tips and behind the scenes pictures on how to organise your event setup process.


1.Go over the event checklists and logistics plan with your events setup team to ensure that no detail is left out!

Event Manager Kenya

2.Pack all event kits, event giveaways or event stationery packs in advance.

Event Planner Kenya3.Have an on site meeting with your event suppliers to confirm and counter check  that all their orders have been delivered in the required quantity and quality.

Event manager kenya

4.Prepare your name badges. Arrange them alphabetically for an easier registration process.

Event Manager Kenya5.Have your laptop/ tablet at hand, to quickly reference any event project documents e.g. Quotations, invoices, LPOs and programs.

Event manager Kenya6.Have a printer at hand to create any labels required e.g. wifi access codes.

Event Planner Kenya7.Place your giveaways near the registration area for ease of distribution.

Event Planner Kenya

8.Setup all your event banners, branding and directional signage as per the event layout.

Event Planner Kenya

9. Event Setups do not always go as planned, and delays are bound to happen, be prepared for last minute changes to vendor requirements.

Event manager Kenya

9. Event setup is all about team work. Behind every successful setup there is a great team!

Event Planner Kenya


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