How To Increase Event Engagement By Using Live Streaming Videos

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  • 27 Jun2017

Live streaming has definitely become a game changer. Not only is the practice a fun and creative way to increase event engagement on social media but it is also a great marketing tool for businesses. Back in the days live streaming was a practice associated with live band performances and games. However, this perception has changed as the practice has become more accessible than ever. You cannot miss one or two live videos while browsing let’s say on Twitter or Facebook and this is a great experience from the norm.

In this context, we at Waridi Events love to engage in live videos with our audience to bring more insights on various trending subjects (Get Social with us on our live videos @waridievents). This is indeed beyond a trend and, judging from the concepts brought forth by various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it can only get better. With the growing online trend, streaming an event live has become an essential means to increase event engagement – be it for a summit, meeting, expo or a conference.

Embracing new technology has not been effectively utilized in full effect more so in events and conferences. Most organizations are usually slow when it comes to experimenting with new technology, mostly because they feel their goal is to sell tickets and monetize on the business event. Obviously, they are ignorant of the fact that with live streaming they can actually hit the desired mark by selling virtual tickets. Additionally, a brand can build a great image for itself and garner a good following. Well, here are some tips to help improve your live videos, so that you may utilize them to increase event engagement to a large extent.

Promote the Live Stream in Advance
This has to be the most important aspect to get your target audience to engage in the video. Take your promotion social prior to the streaming. You can either share status of the day and timing for the video or get a prompt for people to sign up redirecting them to a landing page. By so doing you can surely increase event engagement and possibly get more attendees to your event.

Capture Data
In order to capture information that will definitely be of great use throughout and after the video you can decide to put an access gateway to the stream. This can be done by creating, for instance, a social sign up where emails will be collected both as a way of accessing the video, and as valuable resources to increase event engagement in the future.

Get Interactive
Nowadays, there are various ways one can use to make a live video interactive. It is important to let your target audience participate in your stream because this activity can increase event engagement manifolds. The use of hashtags is one of the ways to get people to engage. To this effect partnering with social media influencers can get your hashtag and video discussion the much needed exposure making it go viral. Another way to get interactive can be through integrating a comment section on the video interface. This will enable immediate feedback on your stream. Alternatively, you can let your audience give their suggestions on what they would like to be addressed on the video prior.

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