How to Undertake Successful Conference Planning

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  • 29 May2017

People like to attend conferences with the main agenda of sharing and acquiring more knowledge with like-minded people. As an event organizer the goal is to ensure every step of the conference runs smoothly. Furthermore, the experience from the conference has to be worthwhile. Therefore it is necessary to know how to undertake successful conference planning.

Planning a conference is a critical process as it requires utmost dedication with regards to the aspects of data gathering and forethought. At Waridi Events we focus on tailoring the perfect conferences for our clients in accordance to their needs. Nothing can compare to a well put conference: the lessons learnt and advice as well as the ambience filled with people who share a common interest with you. Since our inception in 2007, Waridi Events has managed to deliver memorable and unique event experiences to some of the leading brands in Kenya. This we still do as we strive to shape the future of events in Kenya. Our dedicated team excels at successful conference planning. It expertly plans and manages every aspect of your event. Let’s have a look at the nitty gritty that need to be considered for ensuring successful conference planning:


Step 1: Choose a date
When it comes to running a successful professional event it is ideal to start early. Before embarking on the task of inviting the speakers as well as the attendees, identify the time and place for the event. Do this let’s say 4-6 months prior to the event.

Step 2: Choose a venue
So once the date is set the next major step will be finding a convenient and accessible venue for your target audience. As a professional event organizer Waridi Events focuses on selecting a perfect venue based on our client’s’ concept. A number of factors ought to be considered in this step these are the size of the event, type of venue, accessibility, availability, location, suitability, budget, accommodation, transportation, catering and parking.

Step 3: Selecting the right team
For successful conference planning, it is necessary to to have the right team for steering up the event. The team will need to possess a creative and powerful approach.

Step 4: Putting the perfect plan in place
A plan should be developed 4-6 months prior to the event. This is a critical part of successful conference planning as it will depict the happenings of the event. The factors involved in this step will be choosing a theme or a name best suited for the event.

Step 5: Finding potential sponsors
Event organizers tend to play a major role in this case. This is mainly because they assist in finding potential financial and marketing solutions that will assist in running a successful conference for the client.

Step 6: Promote the Conference
In order to ensure that the ultimate objective of a successful conference planning is achieved, you will need to figure out how to reach possible attendees. For this step the relevant marketing tools need to be utilized such as digital marketing, word of mouth marketing, using local promotion sites and using traditional media. Digital marketing entails the use of social media platforms to promote the event. For instance you can tweet and update the Facebook status regularly. Additionally, you can also create a Facebook page, promote it and invite possible attendees. Secondly, word of mouth marketing is also an effective way of promoting the event, the more people you tell the more people they will tell. Thirdly, one can promote an event by using local promotions sites. There are quite a number of events sites where people can list their events for free simply by creating an account and posting. Lastly, traditional media can also be effective this entails the use of print media such newspaper, use of radio and television to promote the event.


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