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  • 10 Sep2018

After years of experience, we understand that first impressions can make or break an event. The first encounter with the event sets the tone for the entire event. In most events, this is the registration portion of the event. People are put off by the long lines and slow process of being checked in to an event that they paid for or were invited to.

Introducing our registration suite, an end to end solution for your corporate events. It simplifies and streamlines the registration process into a quick and painless process that eliminates all your guest check-in and management woes.

Our registration suite includes:

Registration software: Our proprietary registration software lets you check in your guests in an instant with a clean event dashboard that lets you quickly search the name of a particular guest and keep track of the number of guests that have arrived. The software comes with an E-ticketing option that allows for QR code ticketing. Once your guests arrive the code is easily scanned right from their phone, making the check-in almost instant. For dinning events, the software allows for table allocation as a means to simplify the guest experience. Management of your guest list is also made easier with an import/export guest list option that allows you to upload or download the guest list from the registration suite in an easy to use/edit format.

Registration ushers & counters: Our trained ushers help welcome and check in your guests at manned registration counters. These sleek counters are customizable and can be styled to showcase your brand/event.

Registration tech: We provide registration laptops that hold our proprietary software making the process not only quicker but flexible to the ever-changing atmosphere of events. Name badge printers allow you to instantly print name tags, badges, tags and lanyards.

Our registration suite is the end to end solution to managing your guests in a seamless experience that sets a great tone for the rest of your event.

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