Event planning in Nairobi – How to increase chances of engagement?

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  • 22 Mar2016

Engagement – this particular word defines everything in an event. If you can engage your audience, you have won more than half of your game. But, to reach this goal, you have to take on a great deal. You have to keep in mind what your customers want and fill in your event managers accordingly. There are several ways of doing it right from the very beginning which have been discussed in the following points:

  • Consider all the attendees’ feedback from the previous event. It is necessary that you keep in mind what your customers liked and what they didn’t to set up a flawless event this time.
  • Review complaints, if any, from the previous feedback and try to resolve them this time so that your attendees are completely satisfied with the overall thing.
  • Arrange for free giveaways to enhance their experience. You can do that without spending a lot of bucks. Talk to your event manager regarding this.
  • Include some group activities or opt for entertainment packages to enhance engagement.

Whether you are doing event planning in Nairobi or anywhere else, you have to opt for a reputable event organizing firm who will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make your event a grand success. They should be amiable and approachable so that you can fill them in with your suggestions and recommendations every now and then. Of course, you should not burden them as they have a lot of things to do to make your event successful. But, you can always sit with them over coffee and discuss things that can improve chances of event engagement.

How to improve chances of event engagement?
Now that it has been said, the question arises how to increase chances of engagement and ensure the attendees come back next year and the years that follow. There are several ways of doing that which have been briefly discussed below:

  • Welcome them in VIP style – Yes, do it. Make them feel special. Human beings love that and once they feel that they are well acknowledged as a part of your endeavor, they will come back year after year and wish all the best for you.
  • Make them feel involved – Include group activities that enhance their experience and make them feel involved. Simple group discussions and quizzes can make your otherwise boring conferences or seminars exciting for your attendees. And if you can do that, they will definitely sign up as loyal followers of your brand.
  • Giveaway free calenders or other corporate gifts – When everything is done and the event is successful, you can plant the seeds of success of your next event by giving away inexpensive corporate gifts to all the attendees to promote your brand and make them feel special once again. This works everywhere, whether you are event planning in Nairobi or any other place in the world. People love surprises, so you can exploit this chance to create a long lasting impression in the minds of your attendees.

It is not difficult to get your hands on an event management company that takes into consideration all the above mentioned things. What is, is to implement your plans effectively and flawlessly to create a memorable experience. Opt for a company which offers excellent event planning in Nairobi and ensure 100% satisfaction at the end of the day so that you get no scope to complain.

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