Choosing Event Destination: How To Go About It And What To Consider

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  • 5 Jul2017

When it comes to creating a unique and truly authentic event experience choosing event destination carefully and zeroing in on that perfect and creative destination is a critical aspect. Every city, town or country has some unique qualities that gives it an edge and makes it stand out in terms of the event concept in place. It is essential for event professionals to take into consideration specific factors when selecting that special event destination.
Over the years Waridi Events has managed to successfully organize and plan events in various places. Judging from our experience and the great reviews and referrals from our clients it has been nothing but pure bliss in tailor making events all around Kenya and more so crossing the borders to Tanzania and other East African countries. With the motivation in check the goal is to expand more to explore various destinations all around the world. Choosing event destination depends on certain qualities that destination events should inherently possess. Here are some key qualities that ought to be considered in this context:

1.) Accessibility
With the modern approach of travel there are protocols that come with it. One might think that travelling from one destination to another is simply a hop and hop situation but a lot of factors come with the move. From the mode of transport, to the security check, the time zones and a whole lot more. Event professionals ought to factor in the accessibility of an event location and how easy will it be for the attendees to maneuver their way to the event. Every aspect of travel matters is key in determining whether or not a destination event experience will be a success. So one has think wisely while choosing event destination.

2.) Hotels/Venues
Accommodation is an important parameter that needs attention while choosing event destination. Of course attendees will require a place to stay. It is important to have a wide selection of let’s say hotels where the visitors can select which option is best suited for them. All options as well as the services offered should be clearly laid down for the visitor’s selection.
On venue, some hotels may offer both packages in terms of location for the event and accommodation. The hotel may have a garden or even a conference room or ballroom which may come in handy in getting both accommodation and event venue in one place.

3.) Tourism and Sightseeing
It is solely the choice of an invited guest to decide on whether to attend or skip the event or not. At destination events, attendees mostly look into what the selected location has to offer in terms of attractions and the local sights. Almost everyone loves exploring new surrounding and hence, tourism and sightseeing options have to be taken into consideration while choosing event destination.. This quality of a destination event may guarantee a good attendance rate from the invited guests. Some attendees may even opt to stay a day or two after the event just to catch a glimpse of the local attractions and explore more.
Worth noting is that there are other vital factors such as local language and business perspective which should also be considered while choosing event destination. More qualities arise based on whether the event is within or outside a country. But generally, the above three factors are a common ground in all aspects.

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