Kenol Kobil 2017 End Year Party

Oct 17, 2018

The Kenol Kobil 2017 End Year Party was held on 8th December 2017, at the Zen Garden in Spring Valley and it brought together a total of 200 guests. The theme was “Breaking Barriers” and the event comprised a number of games and activities to engage the guests as well as a delicious lunch.

The program had two main sessions whereby the first one featured lots of games and fun while the second one involved speeches, talent shows and raffles. Some of the games which guests participated in enthusiastically were rodeo bull, limbo, pool, bowling, target paintball, martial arts and boxing.

The outdoor setup was simple with tents draped in the theme colours, hay bales and barrels. The inside space consisted of creative cowboy themed centrepieces to compliment the themes look and feel.

David the student did an excellent job entertaining guests and coordinating the program. lanning for the KenolKobil End Year Party approximately one month and entailed event designing and event coordination.