Google For Kenya ( G4KE) 2018

May 27, 2019

The Google for Kenya (G4KE) was held as a platform to introduce Google Maps users in Kenya to the two-wheeler option on Google Maps and the event highlight Street View, a service that allows users to see locations and destinations on their phones as they actually appear when they get there.

Other features now available in Kenya are Google Swahili, Google Go and YouTube G, and Google Arts and Culture.The event took place on the 28th of November, 2018, at the Movenpick Hotel and attended by innovators from the country. It was divided into three with a keynote + experiential area, masterclass and a cocktail.

Guests were greeted by a welcome backdrop at the reception and signs showing the event agenda and directions to the various event spaces. The Waridi Registration System made the process seamless with guests having their QR codes scanned and checked in.

The Hall of Africa was divided into two spaces; the Keynote area and the Sandbox area. The sandbox area was experiential allowing guests to interact with Google Arts & Culture, two-wheel nav, Liquid Galaxy - Street view, and Grow with Google. This is also where guests enjoyed a standing lunch and later cocktail; cocktail tables and mini lounges to ensure guests were comfortable.