Arts & Culture Luncheon

Oct 17, 2017

The event took place June 8th, 2017 at the African Heritage House in Mlolongo. Guests got to experience a leisurely train ride from Nairobi Railways to the African Heritage House where they were greeted with a refreshing glass of safari punch. Speakers then touched on Google Arts & Culture followed by a fashion festival by Alan Donovan.

The theme of the event was “We Wear Culture” and it introduced fashion along three themes: Fashion & Culture, Fashion & Craftsmanship and the Impact of Fashion. The Fashion Festival (not to be confused for a fashion show) did not have the usual “strut-down-the-runway, pose, turn, repeat” feel most fashion shows had. Each piece represented a different part of Africa and dance, movement and music was used to help tell a story.

The event served as a platform to expose guests to the Google Arts & Culture platform, which serves to allow users to access, experience and learn about fashion by focusing on rich storytelling provided by authoritative high profile cultural institutions.

The project strives to substantiate that we don’t wear just clothes; we wear culture that connects and breaths past, present and future.Guests also got to tour of the Alan Donovan House which is full of African treasures.