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  • 26 Apr2016

An amazing corporate event takes into consideration a lot of factors. But the most common ones are what everybody knows – first rate venue, ease of accessibility, entertainment facilities and food. These are four major factors that define the success of any corporate event. There are others too that we seldom think about but they turn out to be crucial to the event’s success. This post is aimed towards those essential requisites of a grand corporate event that we tend to overlook most of the time.

In order to understand the requirements of any corporate event planning endeavor, let us consider an example. Say, you are an event planner and you have managed to organize a conference in a top class venue with good lighting and decor, enough food and refreshments and entertainment facilities for your attendees. But, you have scheduled the conference from 2pm to 5 pm, 3 hours at a stretch. Will your attendees stay for that long if the presentation extends for three hours? Most probably no, they won’t. They will feel bored and fed up of the continuous speech and will start shifting in their seats after an hour or so. But, if you break the presentation up into three consecutive sessions giving 15 minutes to half and hour break in between, chances are, your conference will be an astounding success.

So the first lesson that you learn from here is:

Give considerable breaks to your attendees to let them enjoy the event with an unmatched passion. Do not bore your attendees.

Secondly, you should also make sure that the venue you have selected for your event has enough parking space to accommodate your guests’ vehicles. You do not expect all of them to reach there by foot or by the train, do you? Most of your invitees will show up in expensive cars that need to be taken care of properly. So, make sure that the parking space available is enough to accommodate all of them. If necessary, talk to the venue managers beforehand to set up some arrangement for them to avoid any kind of inconvenience while parking their vehicles. These little things matter. And the way you take care of your attendees will determine how loyally they follow your next events. So the next tip to organize an exceptional corporate event is:

Take good care of your attendees from the very beginning and let no issue arise in terms of their comfort and satisfaction.

Thirdly, include multiple diet facilities in your menu. There may be people who are diabetic and follow a special diet. Or there may be some health freaks who are deliberately following a special diet of salads and veggies You should take all these into consideration while deciding the menu. If you opt for a single menu, chances are, these people will have to look for some other place to satisfy their palate. So, what is the bottom line of it?

Make personalized arrangements for everybody so that no one feels left out.
It may be expensive sometimes, but so are your events, right? If you can spend so much to organize a gala event, why not spend a bit more to enhance it?

A few more tips to organize a memorable corporate event are:

  • Do not go for multiple tracks.
  • Provide space for your attendees to mingle with each other and enhance their network.
  • Record your entire event and share it in the social media for people who could not attend the event for various causes.
  • Opt for a properly ventilated banquet hall so that it is not stuffy inside. Keep the temperature at a little less than normal for maximum attentiveness.

Always take care of each and everyone of your guests. Do not let even one of them feel that they don’t belong and that it was a mistake coming to your event. Make all of them feel equally welcome. If you can follow all the above mentioned steps carefully, you will end up getting more followers and loyal attendees at the end of your event. So, pull up your sleeves and start working to organize the best event of your lives.

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