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  • 5 Feb2016

Event management requires meticulous planning and execution in a balanced way to make an event successful. Event management process takes place in three broad steps: pre-planning, planning and post-planning. In the pre-planning process, various factors are taken into account like the budget planning, space/location booking, determining the number of invitees etc. During the event you need to see that everything is well organized and the event is taking place as per the planning. Post the event, you need to take care of after-promotions and track the success rates.

If you are new to wedding planning, you might be looking for some pro tips for event management. Here are ten tips to plan your event successfully:

  1. Start as early as possible: If you want to plan an event, start very early. This will give you time to think and plan the event. For big events, planning 3-4 months in advance can help you to plan the event well with smooth booking procedures and you will get ample time in the end to check for flaws or missed steps. Event planning started early can save you from clashing dates, vendor unavailability problems etc. and you can get more time to moderate each and every step of the event. Also, there is enough time on the part of the client to recommend changes and get it done.
  2. Backtrack event: Backtracking events can help you to decide the deadline for each booking and steps of the event. In a scrap-book, write each step of the event in a reverse order with a date assigned to each event. Make sure that when you move on with each step, you get all the things done within the assigned deadline and if possible, before that.
  3. Vendor negotiation: Selection of vendor is vital. Shortlist the best two or three vendors and brief them about your requirement well. See which vendor offers the best product in best discount. Negotiate on the price as much as possible because even after negotiation, the final price sums up to higher than what is been decided due to taxes and handling fees. Ask them to deliver products within the deadline.
  4. Assign work to the team: Divide team members according to their skill and capability. Assign a team lead for each team and ask each team to report their daily work. The event manager must interact with each team and make sure that the work is being carried on as recommended by the client. Arrange for weekly or bi-monthly meetings and keep your team motivated to make them deliver their best. Take out the team for occasional outing and lunch and be open to ideas from all, this increases interest and make every person working for you feel important.
  5. Get social: Get social with your event. Share the event on social media channels to create a buzz. Invite people to join, follow and share. Create online campaigns and execute them from time to time. Post pictures and videos of making of the event, to keep people glued to it. Entertainment events like movies or product-launches need a lot of buzz and promotion to make the event successful. Find out creative ways to indulge people into the event and make them curious. Arrange for contests and quizzes if the theme permits to make it more effective.
  6. Have an alternate plan: Have an alternate plan for the event you are organizing. There can be unexpected incidents and unfavorable situations during the event, so think for an alternative to combat them beforehand or else it may ruin the latter part of the event that will follow. Make sure that the alternate plan is tried and tested beforehand so that it is successful when applied.
  7. Compare: If you want to make your event the best and different from other. Do compare your work with that of other agencies in the market. Learn from them, what needs to be done and what can be avoided. Your competitors can teach you the biggest lessons. So keep you eyes open. However, do not blindly follow everything what the competitor does, what works for them might not work for you and vice-versa. Use their work as reference and put in your best.
  8. Invite and follow up: Inviting attendees is very crucial and an important task of event management. List down a plan of people to be invited, get it approved by the authorities concerned. Create and send invitation to each of them and follow up with a personal mail, message or call and ask them if they could attend or not. This helps you to estimate the number of people who are actually going to be present for the event and you can arrange the seating and dining arrangements accordingly. Follow-ups must be done at least twice, in case some attendees change their mind about attending the event.
  9. Be cordial: On the day of the event, arrange everything on time and no matter how much tired you get with all the planning and preparations, you have to put in your best on the day of the event. Be jovial and cordial to everyone. Talk softly and provide immediate help wherever required. See that each and every person in the event is taken care of, leave no stones unturned to satisfy the attendees.
  10. Feedback: Feedback is crucial after the event. It helps to improve your service and do it better. Get feedback from the client and if possible from the invitees. Give out a form and ask them to rate you on different parameters. Analyze the result with your team and discuss about the positive results and the shortcomings. If the client is satisfied with your work, chances are they will hire you again for their next event and you’ll also get referred. So put in the team’s best and get ready for the next event!

With these ten important steps, you can make every event planning successful. Whether it is a big client or a small one, success lies in delivering the best outcome which you can definitely do if you plan and execute everything strategically and have complete confidence in yourself and your team.

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